Frequently Asked Questions


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What is home staging?

Home staging is the process of designing and decorating a home with the intent to showcase the home for sale. Staging a home accentuates the homes best strengths and features, it gives the buyer a perfect picture of what their life could be if the home was theirs. Our goal is for the potential buyer to be inspired by the space the second they walk through the door, resulting in a quick offer and fast sale.

Does home staging really work?

Home staging is one of the most effective marketing strategies for selling a home. Several studies emphasize the importance of home staging in the competitive real estate market with statistics such as 73% of staged homes spend less time on the market and staged homes sell for more than 6% above asking price, according to a survey by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp.

How does Adorn’s staging program work?

Adorn will stage and refresh your vacant home with carefully curated furniture from our warehouse space. Please get in touch for pricing, as it varies depending on square footage. We can also place a highly qualified and screened home manager in your home to ensure that your home is always “show ready”.

The home owner is responsible for paying lawn maintenance fees, pool service and any repair costs for the home. The home manager placed in your home pays all of the utilities. We understand the importance of selling your home and our goal is to help make the process as stress free as possible.

How long will your furniture remain in my home?

We will remove our furniture when your home is sold and escrow has closed. If you have a home manager in the home, they will be placed in a different home once your home has sold.

How do I apply for your home manager program?

Apply here - once we receive your application we will review it. If it is accepted we will contact you for steps on how to complete your background check.